Scott 1800 Tab Laminator

The Scott 1800 Tab Laminator feeds the plastic tape, wraps, and folds it around the sheet, cuts the plastic to the selected length and smoothly bonds it to both sides of the page.  Complete setups and changeovers require no tools, minimal skills, and very little time.  No adjustment for different papers and no adjustment is necessary when changing from one thickness of stock to another.

The Scott 1800 automatically bonds heat sensitive plastic to paper thicknesses from 7 pt. ledger to 25 pt. pressboard.  The entire cutting and lamination process takes place in an enclosed area shielded from the operator for added safety while the hardened precision ground steel plates bond plastic to the paper.  Ball bearings or bushings are all movable parts and fully automatic lubrication make this machine virtually maintenance free while the integrated formica provides a smooth work surface for the operator.  It requires only 48 inches by 40 inches (1219mm x 1016mm) of floor space. 

Ackerman Enterprises has been servicing, and troubleshooting electrical issues on these machines for more than 30 yrs.  Allow us to be your first stop for Scott 1800 Tab Laminator service, maintenance, repair, and part replacement needs.

An overview of the Scott 1800 Tab Laminator is as follows:

  • Speed Up to 2,200 laminated sheets per hour 
  • Sheet Size Maximum: 18 inches (457.2mm)
    Minimum: 5-1/2 inches (139.7mm)
  • Paper Weight 6-point to 25-point paper
  • Plastic Size1 inch to 5-1/2 inches (25.4mm to 139.7 mm)
  • Counter 9,999
  • Electrical Requirement 5 amp, 120 VAC, 50-60hz
  • Air Requirements 4 cubic ft. per minute (1888 cubic cm per second at 80 lbs. pressure
  • Ball Bearings or Bushings All Moving Parts
  • Lubrication Fully Automated
  • Table Top 48 inches x 30 inches (1219mm x 762mm)
  • Table Height 31-1/2 inches (800mm) maximum
    (Adjustable) 25 inches (635mm) minimum
  • Floor Space Required 48 inches x 40 inches (1219mm x 1016mm)