Electric Paper Cutters Line

Electric Paper Cutters Line

– Available in 17, 19, 22 and 26 inches
– Programmable
– Optical cutting line
– Light beam
– English, Spanish, French
– Imperial (inches), Metric (centimeter)

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Our paper cutter is strong enough to be used in
production environment but friendly enough
anywhere else.

You will be amazed by the ease of operation.
– 100 programs x 100 steps
– Wifi  monitoring
– Password secure

YUL Technologies is a manufacturer of smart, intuitive, precise and robust paper cutters.

YUL paper cutters are available in 4 formats; from 17 1/8” up to 26 1/2″. YUL’s small footprint, low energy consumption and ease of operation make them the perfect cutter for graphic designers, small print shops, copy centers and in-plants!

YUL paper cutters are manufactured in Canada; all YULs boast proprietary software and electronics. There is also an optional wifi interface (available on Apple Store) allowing either statistics and usage information via texts or emails to be sent to you as well as uploads and downloads of strategic data to an from cutter to your iPhone. YUL, the colorful paper cutters.