Kimosetter units and Plate material

The Kimosetter 410 is a desktop CTP solution which enables to image offset plates. The plates with a size up to 410 x 510mm, imaged with a thermaltransfer system are toner and chemical free. Easily exchangeable ink ribbons are used and ensure simple operation. Kimoto’s CTP system is supplied in a bundle with a PostScript 3 RIP for PC or Macintosh. The Kimosetter 410 is the ideal choice for small offset printers and copy shops. It is most suitable for text, high density solids and clean halftones.

Kimoplate e2

Kimoplate e2 is an environmentally friendly and chemistry free polyester plate. Neither etching nor post fusing are required. Due to the stability of this 0.140mm thick polyester plate, accurate image size and good registration can be achieved. The Kimoplate e2 is compatible with most fountain solutions as well as most common printing inks.

Please note:
The Kimosetter line has been discontinued on the 1st of April 2015, so new printers are no longer available. Consumables and technical service are available until further notice.

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