SCP-14 Digital Creaser and Perforator

Are you tired of your digitally printed stock cracking?

Shark Finishing Machinery introduces to its Smart line of print finishing equipment the SCP-14 Smart Digital Creaser / Perforator. This automatic machine will eliminate your cracking once and for all. It feeds up to a maximum sheet size of 14.5″ x 25.5″, able to crease up or down and performs up to 32 creases or perforations per sheet at a speed of 4,500 sheets per hour!  Equipped with an LCD color touch screen, it is easy to set up and very user friendly. The SCP-14 features an efficient bottom fed automatic air suction feeder for non-stop productivity, easy to replace interchangeable crease / perf dies and up to 99 jobs can be stored into its long-term memory. Rotary score, perforation and slit are also available.

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What is the difference… Creasing vs. Scoring
One of the problems with digital printing is that the toner-based process tends to crack when folded. This cracking can be eliminated by creasing. Many today are misinformed and assume that Creasing and Scoring are the same thing when they are completely different.

What is creasing? Creasing is the process that prepares the printed stock to be folded by using two parallel dies that mark the paper on impact creating “embossed” lines. Because printed stock on a digital machine is heated so that the toner can be fused onto the paper, the stock dries out and causes it to crack. By creasing you are reducing the stress that is put on the stock and you eliminate cracking.

What is scoring? Scoring is done by a machine which uses rotary blades that are in constant circular motion as the stock passes through. This process actually cuts through the fibers of the stock and weakens the stock and therefore it causes cracking.

So if you’re printing on a digital machine, take a bite out of the nuisance of cracking by adding a SHARK creaser to your shop.

Additional Information

​​Paper Thickness – 120gsm-350gsm (26# bond – 16pt)
Entry width- 14.5in / 36.8cm / 368.3mm

Max stock size- 14.5 x 25.6in. / 36.8 x 65cm / 368.3 x 650.24mm
Min stock size-  4.75 x 3.25in / 12 x 8.25cm / 120.65 x 82.55mm
Crease Speed – 4,500 sheets per hour
Max # of Creases per sheet – 32
Crease Distance – Adjustable
One way Creasing – Yes
Two way Creasing – Yes
Feeder – Air Feed

Feed Tray Capacity – 1.57in / 4cm / 40mm

Automatic – Yes
Program memory – 99
LCD Touch Screen Display – Yes (color)

Floor Model – Yes
Skew Adjustment – Yes
Crease Depth Adjustment – Yes
Paper Counter – Yes
Variable Speed Adjustment – Yes
Creasing blade – Yes
Perforating Blade – Yes

Rotary Crease- Optional

Rotary Perf- Optional

Paper Jam Detector- Yes
Emergency Stop – Yes
Operation Language – English
Power – 220v / 50-60hz / 20amps / 1 phase
Machine Weight – 175 lbs. / 79kg.
Machine Size ( L x W x H ) – 36x36x48in. / 91.4×91.4×121.9cm / 914.4×914.4×1,219mm
Warranty – 1 year